Tony Wise – “gdafternoon&U”

When MF Doom raps, “the beat is so butter, peep the slow clutter,” it was almost a prescient nod to the amazing work that producer Tony Wise continues to create, quietly playing for the rafters. With “gdafternoon&U,” Wise evokes a pastoral jaunt, a chill space that has a boss shuffle, moving at it’s own clip and marching to its own beat. This is the kind of jam that works like an onion, revealing layer after layer upon repeat listen, a multi-tiered treat that continues to reward with each visit. Aptly named, the track is thick with reference material, including a welcome King of the Hill nod. Tony Wise is firing at all cylinders with some of the most compelling production going right now, so don’t sleep on it.

Listen below and have yourself a good afternoon, despite the header picture of Emperor Palpatine Pitino.