LISTEN: Parker – “White Tapes” Vol. 2

The second in the volume by the singularly named producer Parker, White Tapes Vol. 2 uses atmosphere and texture as the primary currency in dealing out their brand of instrumental hip-hop. There is a deft hand at work here on the decks, with beats that hit hard, but with a subtle grace. In terms of production, you can draw analogues here to A$AP Mob, Peanut Butter Wolf, or Damu the Fudgemunk, lo-fi, but high quality hip-hop with a helluva lot of swagger. In the case of Parker, there is a bit more an electro take on the genre, a slight EDM vibe that emphasizes more the synth work; think Vangelis by way of Kool Keith, and you’re almost there. You put this on to zone out, to just float in it, a quiet companion in on a sunless day, the perfect compliment to whatever you’ve got percolating.

Let this warm your ear’s heart below.