LISTEN: Owoso – “Inside Playdoh”

The latest diddy from Owoso is a swashbuckling, acoustic guitar driven tune full of gorgeous vocal harmonies and auxiliary percussion including shakers and spoons. The song, which is called “Inside Playdoh” sounds like a strange cross of something you might get from a Jerry Cantrell solo record with a bit of the softer side of Geoff Farina added in for good measure.

I’m not sure what the lyrics are speaking to, but there’s a warmth emanating from this track that’ll put you in a better mood… At least that’s what it did for me. The production, while slick in its own right, isn’t over cooked like your Grandma’s Thanksgiving turkey. I appreciate that this recording – especially the vocals – stays the course allowing the track to breathe as a mostly stripped down folksy tune.

Listen to “Inside Playdoh” below: