LISTEN: Chester Bing – “TV Themes”

Maybe you woke up today hoping to hear some kind of surfy, kind of rockabilly, but very guitar heavy covers of classic television themes. Jackpot then jerks, because this is your lucky day, and Chester Bing has you right where he wants you. This is silly and the kind of thing that makes it perfect to sneak onto a playlist at a party and just see who notices. The quality of the performances here puts it on par with something like The Advantage or The Minibosses, which is just a ridiculous good time. And holy shit! I just realized that they covered the Juicy Fruit commercial, which might make this the best collection of songs in the history of songs. There is no other commercial in history that will make you want to get into extreme sports, all while taking a sniff and pulling it out, quite like Juicy Fruit.

Listen below and get silly.