LISTEN: Thaniel Ion Lee – “Only Death is Free”

So it goes that my most pastoral spaces in the world often exist near a source of immediate heat, I’m sure a psychological wellspring rife for exploration. Parched and a little exhausted, I encounter Only Death is Free by Thaniel Ion Lee, a little out of sorts. A drone, there is something arid and mechanical about this, the distant hum of an engine of scorching sands. There is a comfort in that initial distance that is lost around the nine minute mark by the presence of an otherworldly static that creeps in, a deadly cacophony of sound and fury. After a momentary respite, that hellacious wail begins anew, a haunting and haunted presence that unsettles. It’s here where Lee introduces his most unsettling moments of abject horror, some ancient evil shambling out of the darkness, ultimately struck down by the return of warming textures. It’s a harsh dichotomy and one that Lee explores all too well.

Listen below and let your own narrative take over.