LISTEN: Sway The J3ddi – “R. Savag3”

Here’s what I’ve learned from this track: Randy Savage references are always welcome and this dude is down with kosher kush, which makes me wonder. I mean, how does it get to be kosher? I’m no expert, but I thought a priest had to bless it, which I absolutely hope is the reality in this track. Who doesn’t want to see a rabbi putting a blessing on some left-handed cigarettes? I know I do. And don’t try and poke holes in my vision here with “logic” or “reason,” because I’m not interested. This isn’t some kind of metaphor, goddamn this is real.

This track has a nice bounce to it. It’s kind of got a party rap vibe to it, but what do I know? I spend my Friday nights stoked if my children get to bed at a reasonable hour, so that I can quietly watch TV and eat cottage cheese or something on the couch with my wife, so I’m certainly no authority on “partying.” That said, I did interview Andrew WK once, so maybe that rubbed off on me. Anyways, the production here is thoughtful, with the vocals tucked into the mix seamlessly. The beat bops, but never overwhelms, a vehicle for the emcee’s story. Sway the J3ddi is new to me, and while I can’t speak to his skill as a space wizard, he’s off to a decent start as a rapper, and I look forward to hearing more of what’s to come.

Listen below and get deep thinking about martian candy and kosher kush. Just gaze into that black light poster like it has the answers you need.