EDITORIAL: Thanks, giving

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and I’m here to do it. I’ve got two amazing kids, a boss wife, pals that I play music with, a killer job, and a fan-fucking-tastic community out there that I feel part of. Hell, we all do (feel part of the community). I won not one, but two awards, both relative to Never Nervous. I’m the second best writer (glaring at you Mike Rutherford, my new arch-enemy), and our baby here at Never Nervous took home best blog. Y’all voted for this. The people have spoken and… I guess we’re doing something right. But the thing is, I wouldn’t do any of this without a boss community. There is no Never Nervous without you. There is no Never Nervous without our significant others here at headquarters, our partners who always make sure that we’re supported. Do we need an hour to solve the worlds problems with a few of our music pals? Damn tooting we do, and fortunately we’re all afforded the time and privilege to do it.

And boy howdy do we have stuff to write about. Around this time of year, we’re always trying to puzzle out some kind of end of the year listicle, because the internet tells us that people like that sort of thing. So we wade through a sea of awesome to write about the stuff that most resonated with us. Mind you, it’s not the “best” stuff, but the earworms and weirdo bits and bogs that manage to stick around in our brains for whatever reason. I’ve got to tell you this is no small feat considering how much righteous jams pop up throughout the year, and I’ll be damned if that’s not the best champagne problem in the world. We’re like a bunch of rascal Robin Leach’s just chilling on the yacht of life and sipping mimosas, bay-bee. Don’t you forget that.

Let’s keep this tradition going forever, of sitting around and thinking about the best things in life. Yeah, we’ve got a dorito skinned baboon running the country and threatening nuclear war over a dick waving contest courtesy of Twitter. We’ve climate change, overpopulation, and all kinds of other real world problems to sort out, but I’m guessing that’s always been the case, that humanity has had to hustle to stay one step away from the reaper. Hopefully it’s this dope motherfucker, which is how I choose to live, that even death can hang and be cool. Maybe that’s just me, but I’m ready to embrace the good times, kick out the jams, and eat the shit out of some turkey and dressing, y’all, and I hope that however that manifests in your life, that you can do the same.