LISTEN: CAVE DWLR – “Perspective”

I’m impressed at the evolution of CAVE DWLR, primarily because even the earliest available forays into music were already superlative examples of an artist on the rise, but with Perspective, she really proves her skill as a producer. This is a playful track that uses short bursts of synth punctuating a deep and all abiding sub-bass presence, the kind that you blast out of your system to show off your excellent dynamic range and remarkable street cred. This is your inspiration to either get a hydraulic system or at least some boss ass neon light for under the bottom to show off how goddamn fly you are. You mack to this, showing off to that special someone with a your musical flex, like you’re onto that new freshness, because you get it.

Listen below and know that you’re day is a little brighter.

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