LISTEN: Daeodon – “No Time To Die”

As 1/4 of a project, it’s hard to call this the newest from former I Have A Knife guitarist Greg Livingston, but it’s equally hard not to hear his influence on the compositional work. More like Chime Hours than his former project, Daeodon channels Touch and Go classics like The Jesus Lizard or Killdozer, with a southern edge. Still, this is less Mule and more a mid-western take on Tomahawk, a wide range of vocals and superlative guitar playing merged with an angular indie sensibility. This is lithe and muscular music with more than a little bite. The compositional work here is heavy, moving from one multi-rhythm to another, more often than not the vehicle for the guitar to solo and the vocalist to soar, but always a cohesive unit. This is visceral and engaging, the kind of noise rock that put Louisville on the map in the mid-90s.

Listen below and flip a table or two.