REVIEW: RMLLW2LLZ – “Concerto No​.​9 Movement II”

Concerto No.9 Movement II

A short while ago, RMLLW2LLZ dropped Concerto No.9 Movement II which has quickly become one of our favorite albums of 2017. Produced by the formidable Yons D (formerly Eons D), this full length album has the potential to become an instant classic with heavy, soulful beats and highly personal lyrics presented in a masterful flow. Seriously, this shit is that good. The album is streaming everywhere (Spotify, Apple, Tidal, Bandcamp, etc.) and is physically available on CD at Guestroom and Matt Anthony’s Record Shop.

The music presented on Concerto No.9 Movement II is so damned hot that when I listen to it I feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger as he was lowered down into the scorching hot lava at the end of Terminator 2 — just as I’m about to be swallowed up in this musical lake of hip hop fire, I extend my arm up to form a bold thumbs up indicating that I’m ok with being burned alive, as long as this noise remains in my melting ears.

While the slick production and smooth rhymes are what initially draw me in, what keeps me coming back and fully engaged with this album is the personal touch left from each song. Each cut is fully complimentary of one another and I fully recommend you listen to this album from front to back fully taking it in as a cohesive work of art — Having said that, if I had to pick, my personal favorite tracks are the intimate opening track “Evolution” and the Dom B-assisted “Break A Dollar” where the featured emcee acrobatically glides through the track. 

Don’t sleep on Concerto No.9 Movement II, listen to it below: