LISTEN: Crossed Off – “Authority Figures”

The SNL opener over the weekend touched on the dizzying amount of bullshit that Trump inflicts upon the world every day, like someone got Bozo high, dunked him in bronzer, and dosed him with meth. This wig-headed boob and his desire to start nuclear war via Twitter is encapsulated here a bit with Crossed Off, who may not have a specific vendetta against Trump, but a distinct disdain for authority (figures) in general. It’s that burning rage that comes through their metal-tinged hardcore, the sort that comes packed with chug-chug parts that make you want to kick a school bus in half and flip out. If you’ve kept up with the news at all, this is your soundtrack. This is for you to vent that anger at seeing psychopaths make the world an increasingly dark place, one that apparently puts little-to-no value on empathy, treating it like a malignancy.

Get in the pit and try to love someone, dammit. Just not Kid Rock. That dude can get bent.