LISTEN: Charlie 3X – “Pushing Daises” (Produced by Drop Wallets)

It’s a careful line that Charlie 3X balances on Pushing Daises prod. by Drop Wallets, a track that bounces and encourages in its listeners the same, all on the foundation of an uncomfortable, if not a little nauseating sample bed. This is not meant to disparage the track, but to say that this somehow manages to bang, while putting in a Halloween/John Carpenter style kind of melody work that unsettles, which makes for an interesting dichotomy. Charlie 3X has a playful cadence and delivery here, dipping in an out of different vocal personas, from an almost reggaeton vibe meets dirty south style that works well together. The beat here matches his angular flow, with a complimentary sub-bass filling out the low end qualities, with a rhythm that borders at times on trap, but without ever fully committing to that. It’s a nice effort that touches on a lot of influences, while forging a fresh path.

Listen below and bounce, baby.