LISTEN: Halcyon – Close the Door

The (highly recommended) book Our Ambient Century taught me that ambient music comes in all shapes and sizes, predicated only by a mediative quality that may manifest itself in a number of ways. The book cites Donna Summer on equal footing, at least contextually with Brian Eno, if not as an innovator then as someone who perpetuated the notion that repetition is in and of itself a powerful tool to create atmosphere. While the music of Halcyon leans more towards Eno than Summer, there is certainly a repetitiveness to the music here that serves to amplify the otherwise rustic ambiance of the music. Built around a simple guitar figure, drenched in reverb and delay, the remainder of the track is fleshed out by the subtle space between the notes, the counter melodies that appear in the delayed harmonies. There seems to be a synth or some kind of drone instrument, softly contributing in the background a quiet melancholia, punctuated interstitially cut pieces of found sound that add interesting layers that invite repeat listens.

Listen below and get lost in the moment.