LISTEN: Nesh & WOLFXPISS teamed up for a killer split!

Don’t play like sometimes you don’t just want to wreck shit. We all have those days where someone or something (or some orange asshole) pushed our buttons and made us just want to flip out. Well, Nesh has you covered. This is the soundtrack to your rage, the very thing you put on when you’ve finally caved in to that desire to fire up your chainsaw and just cut that fucking copy machine in half, because dammit, you deserve it.

This leans as hard on metal as thrash, with more than a little nod to acts like Guilt or Neurosis on the one hand, or Municipal Waste or Suicidal Tendencies on the other. This is ugly music meant precisely to dig hard into that anger and aggression and just let it out. You put this on in the gym and you might just bench press a thousand pounds, so hard in fact, that I challenge you not to throw those weights into the sun. Get rowdy with this. Punch a Nazi to this. Throw a beer can at someone in the MRA. This is how you do it y’all (or like this, I guess). Get it.

Listen below and do jump kicks.