LISTEN: New God Collective – “Dissonance”

This as my first exposure to the New God Collective, a nerdy hip-hop appellation if there was one, will certainly not be my last. The lead emcee here has a stilted flow, one that favors a strict enunciation of each word, a slick nod to classics like Del the Funky Homosapien or even Slick Rick. It’s that kind of campy cool that is all pervasive in the raps here, which are rife with geek references, albeit not at the detriment of the narrative, a reflection on love and loss. The production has a Dan the Automator feel, airy and spacious, stacked with reverb and synth pads. The whole package is remarkably catchy for a track that drops both the words X-Wing and animus, atypical content, especially for something as thought provoking as this. For fans of Touch AC, this is the perfect compliment, catchy and smart, but unafraid to have fun all the same.

Listen below to a truly superlative find.