LISTEN: MC Hijack – “Truth Church”

Break Beats and turntables are mostly a thing of the past as they’ve been all but devoured by the ease and consistency of flash drives and laptops. That being said, the art of turntablism isn’t dead yet: Louisville’s own MC Hijack is doing his part to keep it alive with his first solo EP Truth Church which was released via Louisville Is For Lovers on November 5th, following the tradition of protest ingrained in that date.

This EP is at its best when the activism is in your face, the way it is on “Current Affairs.” Ice T is sampled discussing the brutality and hypocrisy in the way America polices our poorest communities. While the protest themes are killer on this album, those themes are resting on some super chill, feel good beats.

Considering that we aren’t overly familiar with this guy, we reached out to MC Hijack to get a bit more information. Where does he come from? Who is he? What motivates him? Here’s what he had to say:

“I have a lot of respect for ICE-T. He doesn’t the credit he deserves for 25 years of activism. I admire folks like T and Killer Mike that are trying to unify the people through music and personal action. ICE-T really put his life on the line 25 years ago with Cop Killer and speaking out against abuse by the government toward minority groups (black, poor, LBGTQ, etc). Run The Jewels and Body Count and others are trying to unite the people, and I oblige.”

A full length MC Hijack album will be released in the spring.” In the meantime, get hip to Truth Church below: