LISTEN: Company Picnic – “Electret Demos”

Things are about to get wavy in your day with the debut by Company Picnic, Electret Demos. I can only imagine that the aforementioned demos were the de facto soundtrack playing on a loop in the back of Dougie Jones’ mind during Twin Peaks, just a trance like, flanged out psychedelia humming softly in the background. Company Picnic is as in many ways as light as the name implies, carrying with it a Kurt Vile or Tame Impala vibe, psych rock that isn’t afraid to take it down a notch, almost like if the Doobie Brothers were filtered Thin Lizzy, garage rock meets AM Gold. It’s a fun set of songs that lazily chug along, drenched in reverb and chorus effects, the guitars jangling along, while the vocals bleat a monotone melody, insomuch as that is possible. This plays like the precursor to a garage rock band fleshed out with bigger amps and a drummer slamming a solid backbeat to as the spine of the song.

For fans of no frills, lo-fi psychedelic music, something that is either in the zeitgeist or water supply at the moment given the growth in that scene, this is your new jam. This has a slacker rock heart and an I-don’t-give-a-shit looseness that makes for a chill garage pop vibe that really works. Listen below and open your third eye, you ornery nerds.