LISTEN: Peter Wesley – “Nightmare” (Produced By La ‘Tray)

I’m still suffering from that annual post-Halloween hangover – the realization that my favorite holiday/month is officially finito. The decorative skeletons and jack o’lanterns in my front yard have been replaced with piles of soggy leaves and a depressing air of emptiness that was previously filled with vintage horror flicks, Misfits records and heaping stacks of Reese’s peanut butter cups.

But today, I woke up with a special treat in our mailbox that turned my mangled, defanged frown all the way upside down. The message we received was a tip that Peter Wesley has a new single, which on its own is something to make my werewolf ears perk up, but I’ll be damned – his latest track (produced by La ‘Tray) is horror themed with a clever Freddy Krueger message behind it! Awww shit, that’s right in my sweet spot, baby. The track is aptly titled “Nightmare” and Wesley’s brief description says it all:

“Everyone hates being slept on. I took that idea and threw a Freddy Krueger twist on it.”

This track was actually released some time last month, but we collectively slept on it like a bunch of Heather Langenkamps. That’s ok though, because “Nightmare” is the coping vehicle that I didn’t know I so badly needed. It’s our metaphorical Hypnocil, if you will, keeping us awake enough to realize that Halloween doesn’t have to end, not yet anyway. 

Listen to “Nightmare” below: