LISTEN: Blind Beholder – “Swamp Dragon”

I’ll start off by saying that it’s entirely possible that this band isn’t actually from Louisville, which is our starting point in terms of criteria for inclusion. Released on the Humanhood Recordings label run by Thaniel Ion Lee, Blind Beholder might quite possibly a piece of curated work by a non-local, a community that Lee has cultivated over time. Still, despite their otherwise invisibility online, this is certainly an interesting find, connected at least by their affiliation by Lee and company. At times pastoral, this features qualities of ambient music, honed by generations of video game players to create a sound ideal for a dungeon crawl. You can imagine the skeletal hordes rising up to attack you in the distance while you gird your character’s strength with potions and a fine set of arms to do battle. You can easily visualize being in a city during a quest to learn about the world around you, part of a greater series of adventures that awaits you. And this is all possible yet through an eerily calm set of organs and synths warbling away softly.

Listen below for an interesting narrative experience that has the ability to transport you to far away lands. Hell, I think we all need that nowadays perhaps more than ever.