WATCH: “Plucked” // A new short horror film from HBTVS!

The latest horror short from the folks at House By the Video Store is called Plucked, and is streaming now for you, and you only. Clocking in at just a bit over three minutes, this picture has a very simple, but effective premise: A young mother and daughter are picking berries in a secluded forest, but somehow the two are separated leading to an ambiguous ending with some sort of wolf man creature. 

The quick ascension of panic and uncertainty is what makes this short work for me. The “uh oh, something’s very wrong” mood is quickly set, the location is perfect, and I love the “look” you get of this wolf being. If you’re like me, you’re suffering from post-Halloween depression — I’d recommend you cope by watching Plucked right away.

Check it out below:

Plucked was written and directed by Chad Cook (directorial debut), and stars Ava Stottmann and Melinda Beck. Sean Blevins was the cinematographer and editor, and William Capps was the sound recordist and dialogue editor. The special effects were provided by Crozzy Studios. The short includes music from Purple Planet, and the track “Haunted Sky” by Robert Christopher.