WATCH: Dom B – “America The Hungry”

Dom B has returned with a killer new single called “America The Hungry” which is currently streaming on Spotify and available as a free download on Bandcamp. The space-vibing rhythm section on this track is brought to you by distinguished beat maker CAVE DWLR, an artist that we last heard Dom B collaborate with on 2015’s fun-as-fuck single “Mushroom Kingdom Bandits”.

Dom B’s latest offering takes on a much more serious tone as he rhymes about the current political climate from his point of view. The music video, while mostly footage of him performing live and/or in front of a projector eventually escalates his vibe with a demonstrative outdoor flag burning. The picture ends with a bunch of different folks individually repeating the hook: “This not my country.”

This track is apparently the first single from the upcoming split project from Dom B and Peter Wesley. We unfortunately don’t have any more details on this future release, but as details become available, we’ll have them for you here.

Watch the video below; download the track for free here.

SIDE NOTE: I just want to say how happy I was to find “America The Hungry” on Spotify. There’s so much Louisville hip hop that is missing from this platform and only available on Soundcloud (my least favorite streaming service). Yeah yeah yeah, I understand that a lot of these tracks missing from Spotify have samples that haven’t been cleared, but all I’m saying is that I’m fucking stoked that this particular track can now be added to several personal Spotify playlists. Thanks, guys.