LISTEN: GRLwood – “2 Fags” Demo

I wouldn’t quite say I’m immune to whatever people are raging about, but I stay relative off the radar with that sort of thing. It’s not intentional or anything, and I’m happy to hear something new, but usually, when I find something, it’s completely blind, or solicited by the artist in some way, both of which I’m accustomed to. In the case of GRLwood, I couldn’t help but succumb to the buzz around my peer group that this was the new shit to watch, so I did what any wise person should do, and listened. If there is anything I can’t stand it’s that push pull that a lot of folks get into, between not liking something because of hype or just giving something a shot; that reactionary jazz is for the birds, but I digress. I’m glad I listened and that’s that.

This is weirdly constructed music in the best way. There aren’t a lot of bass qualities to the music, and the duo nature of the act seems to have no influence on how these songs are crafted. There is no reliance on pedals, insomuch as I can ascertain, to hold down any sort of low end. There is no emphasis on high production values for the demo. There is plenty of room between the two for interplay, and that they do. The guitar shreds, the voice squeals in a delightful rage, and the drums do as much for the rhythm as for the harmony, played in an especially toneful way. All of that is submitted as a good thing, refreshing in that it subverts expectation and flies that freak flag as high as possible. This is raw and unfiltered punk rock that doesn’t give a fuck what you think. The politics are worn on the sleeve, and the sonic aesthetic is DIY to the core.

Listen below and be prepared to rock out, because I promise you that you will.