WATCH: KWIETA – “Redshift”

You were probably just now wondering how your day could get any better. You, sitting there, snuggled up at a desk or running errands, thinking pensively about ways to get right today, this the most righteous of days, at least by Never Nervous standards. Well, we’ve got you.

Not only were we lucky enough to present Iris, an amazing horror short by director Mike Thompson, but we’ve also got the debut by KWIETA, the new Twin Limb adjacent project featuring MaryLiz Bender and Kevin Ratterman. And goddamn y’all, but you’re in for a treat. With Red Shift, the Bender and Ratterman come out swinging for the fences, and hit it the fuck out of the park. This is an incredibly lush and beautiful song that holds up on repeat listens; I’m currently on my fourth replay. There are elements here of Grouper, Rodan, and Mazzy Star, reverb soaked and rich with melodic goodness. Bender’s voice is excellent company, comforting and familiar, but fresh all the same. Ratterman shows his standard adeptness as a musician, retraining his efforts until they produce the maximum yield, for a comparatively explosive second half the song that really takes off and soars.

The accompanying video by Regan Layman is claymation magic, pairing perfectly with music. Here you’ll find stop motion space flight, images of science and scientists, perfect for the world that Bender is creating both sonically and lyrically. Between the two, music and visuals, it’s hard not to walk away with a sense of exploration, both internal to the creation of this merged art, but in how we as a species interact with the universe around us. It’s really magical that we have this opportunity, to seek out and explore bold new worlds, and remarkable to see that reflected in the art that enriches all of our lives for the better.

Watch below and go to space this Halloween!