TOUR DIARY: Frederick The Younger Reviews Horror Movies on the Road!

Frederick The Younger are currently on their first national tour. While it’s certainly scary to be in Texas, they had to get their spooks and chills in other ways. That’s why we commissioned them (without payment) to tell us about the best (or possibly the worst) horror movies they have seen on the road. Listen to their music below and read on to find out about their experience. 

Troll 2: Wow. – John Juan Barrera

Halloween 3: The first thing I realized about Halloween 3 is that the main character Dr Challis has a very big head. His head is twice the size of Stacey’s (his love interest) and during the sex scene his big head distracted from her boobies. What I’m realizing now is that I was too stupid to understand what the movie was about because apparently it is about a guy named Mr Cochran (no relation) who has a sinister plan to kill your children. I fell asleep during the last 20 minutes. 8/10 stars. – Jenni Cochran 

Night of the Creeps: Night of the Creeps is a film that is a must for sci-fi and horror film fans alike. “Creeps” is the perfect blend of alien invasion meets zombie plague. The movie heats up when a couple of high school nerds, in an effort to be cool, enter a secret science lab and intentionally release a man from his cryo-sleep. What they don’t know is that this man is infected with an alien plague that releases brain-seeking worms that turns victims into zombies who incubate and release other worms that spread like wildfire. This movie is a wild ride that is equal parts creepy and funny, with one liners to die for. This movie was a hit for FTY in many ways, but what topped it all was the appearance of the “huge head” of Tom Atkins (actor Ray Cameron) who also appeared as Dr. Challis in FTY favorite film Halloween 3. Do yourself a favor and watch it this Halloween season! – Justin Heaverin

Friday The 13th: Oh boy, this movie really took a turn at the end…was not expecting that one. Oh yea, Kevin Bacon is in it! So, it takes place at a summer camp…is that giving away too much? Well I don’t think I’m spoiler alerting, these kids are in it deep! Warning: don’t get too attached to these characters, because they will die. It’s a real thriller this movie. Did I mention Kevin Bacon is in it? Happy Halloween errrbody! – Aaron Craker 

Rupture: Wow. What a shit stain of a movie. If you’re into soft core torture porn this may be your thing. Or maybe you like movies that lack any real sense of story? The whole plot can be summed up in one sentence, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I need you to experience the same “that’s it?” feeling that I did. This movie literally ruined our day.  -Jake Hellman