LISTEN: Pleasure Boys – “Waking Up (From Someone Else’s Dream)” b/w “Untied”

After a long time coming, the Pleasure Boys are back and weirder than ever, with a psych rock anthem that will have you baked out and staring at a choice black light poster, while you air drum or air guitar (hey, you do you, bay-bee). There is a distinctly Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd thing going on here, just swirling lava lamp colors and the promise of bad decision making, but with a seething menace that boils just under the surface, blasting off periodically to punctuate the insanity. This is an epic banger, the kind that you accompanies you on a journey, whether you expected one or not. The follow up track, Untied, is just as rad, a groove oriented freak out that evolves as it grows beyond it’s initial scope. There are kraut rock elements at play here that haunt the track, a Faust vibe that never quite lets go in a delightfully repetitious and playful way. Pleasure Boys have emerged as the heir apparent to their own legacy, no small feat given the loss of the great Greg Bryant.

You can catch them performing tonight as part of The Local Lineup at Against the Grain. You ought to go, not only because the Pleasure Boys are killer or Against the Grain has great brews, but because it’s PB front-person/cult leader McKinley Moore’s birthday, and he’s good people. Listen below and get into it.