LISTEN: Buddy Crime – Hurricane

Good morning turkeys: it’s time to get funky! Channeling his inner Prince, Anwar Sadat drum wizard Buddy Crime has hit ya with Hurricane, which lives and dies on it’s solid groove, a four-on-the-floor bopper with chiming guitars and fat bass. The vocals have an almost New Wave bent, a dry Flock of Seagulls kind of thing, just blithe and bougie, that works really well, serving as a nice counterpoint to the otherwise funkadelic style blast being sent out into the ether here. This is the perfect way to kick your day off with a little extra energy, the sort of thing that you imagine driving down a digital highway to in a sweet red Lamborghini like the bad ass that you are. Try not and take the curves too hard, because you could wipe out, which would and always is, bogus.

Listen below and let the spirit move you. Jesus take the wheel.