WATCH: Introvert – “The City of the Dead” (Halloween Special)

At last, Halloween is just a few short days away, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. To help celebrate our favorite holiday (and the only one that truly matters, right?) our friend and bleep blop extraordinaire Dennis Stein aka Introvert (and 1/3 of Exacta Cube) orchestrated a haunting instrumental single that we are absolutely stoked to share with you. The track is an atmospheric trip eminating an ever-present ominous tone and a delightful sense of dread from start to finish. The single is streaming and available as a free download at the Never Nervous Bandcamp page – check it out below:

Also, I made a spooky music video for this track using clips from the 1960 classic black and white horror film The City of the Dead, a chilling movie about a coven of witches somewhere in Massachusetts starring none other than the late great Christopher Lee. Get fully immersed into the Halloween spirit and watch the video below:

Listen to the track, then download it for free below: