LISTEN: Dead Halos – “You Wreck Me” (Tom Petty Cover)

Serving as a tribute to the legendary Tom Petty, Louisville rock and roll band Dead Halos have released a gritty cover of “You Wreck Me” which is currently streaming and available as a free download on Bandcamp. The track was recorded live 10/7/2017 in Louisville; vocals and additional percussion were added 10/9 and 10/11. This is the first we’ve heard from Dead Halos in quite a while, so hopefully this is a sort of precursor to the band’s resurgence. 

In case you aren’t familiar with Dead Halos, the band is comprised of  Tony Ash (Trophy Wives) on guitar, Aaron Sortman (Waxeater, Neighbor) on drums, Bob Scott (Christiansen, Cougar Express) on guitar, Chase Coryell (Cougar Express) on bass and Kenosha, Wisconsin’s Stephanie Vogt (Donoma) on vocals.

Check out the cover below: