LOOK: Terrifying Photos at Hillcrest Avenue on a Sunny Day 10/14/17

Yes, Halloween is absolutely our favorite holiday, and Autumn is most definitely our favorite time of year. To further celebrate the mood of the season, Jenn and I ventured out to Hillcrest Avenue on a gorgeous, cloudless day to photograph a few of the many terrifying decorations that we like in particular.  Oh, if you aren’t aware of Hillcrest, this is Louisville’s most horrifically badass Trick or Treat street that has been repeatedly recognized as one of the best of its kind in the country. If you’re into this sort of thing and are unaware of this stretch of horror, please, for the love of Leatherface, get your ass over to Hillcrest!

We brought our camera to capture a few of the many badass decorations on both sides of the street. These photos only represent about 1% of how ridiculously awesome this stretch of road is, so please, if these pictures turn you on in any way (and you haven’t made it out to Hillcrest yet), do yourself a solid and get your ass down to Frankfort avenue!!!

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