INTRODUCING: Tour Diary, an honest look at life on the road

The majority of us here at Never Nervous either are or were musicians in a former life, and have a reasonable understanding of all that that entails. As such, we’re naturally curious not only about the motivations behind musicians to create and share their art, but what that life looks like from a practical perspective. That takes a lot of different shapes, from negotiating your life around a flexible work schedule (which often involves lower pay or a niche skill set), to what you have to eat so that you can function properly on stage. For many artists, a big part of that equation is touring, an activity that often comes at a great cost, both in terms of the financial aspects of that and the psychological and physical demands that come with touring. How do you pay the bills on the road? What do you do all day? How do you stay healthy (eating or exercising)? How do you maintain relationships? It’s that kind of thing that keeps us intrigued in how our peers and heroes do it, and keep doing it year after year.

Read this as an invitation. Are you a touring band? We want to know these things. We want your tour diaries, warts and all, including pictures. Were you bored all day? Did you scrounge up enough money for a Nintendo Switch and play through Zelda? Do you have a portable recording rig that you write with? What do you travel in? What do you listen to on the road and how do you choose that in a group? It’s all these questions and more that we want to dig into, so if you’re on the road and want to share these thoughts with us, we want your voice. We want to demystify what it is to be a touring musician, and show the world just how much effort goes into it, and why it’s worth the money for ticket holders. Hell, I’ve only played out of town four times, and I know that when I pay for a ticket, I’m not just paying for a good show, but for someone’s time as well, the time to learn the songs, lug the gear, and drive around the country.

Is this you? Drop us a line here and let us know what you think. We’ve got a few in the works now, and would love to work with anyone interested whenever we can.