LISTEN: Wax Fang – “Glass Island”

Wax Fang‘s latest track is a slight departure from what you might be used to hearing from them, but don’t we say that every time they release a new song? “Glass Islands” is another chance for all of us to enjoy the brilliance of frontman Scott Carney and his ability to keep us enthralled for any amount of time with his signature vocals and guitar stylings. Clocking in at around 8 minutes long, this song is a four part EPIC journey. 

The track begins with a hip hop style beat layered behind a melody reminiscent of something you may hear in the “Halloween” franchise. Then Lacey Guthrie of Twin Limb comes in by herself to sing the first half of the song. This is the best Recording of Lacey’s voice in existence; they were able to catch the absolute power that her voice possesses, even when she’s singing low and quiet, it’s chilling. Next the song picks up as Scott comes in for his verse followed by a guitar solo that can only be described as colossal. “Glass Islands” is Phenomenal. Don’t sleep on this one. 

Listen to “Glass Island” below: