LISTEN: Beatnick Dee & Allen Poe – “Free My Mind” (feat. Cashius Green)

Fuck! Yes! Your day just got a little bit better with a new cut from our brother in arms here, the always on point Allen Poe. Here our dude has snatched up some fantastic praise by way of a collaboration with producer extraordinaire Beatnick Dee and emcee Cashius Green, with a track premiere on Mass Appeal. So big ups to our boy for getting out there and getting shit done. Going in you should know that we’re a little biased here, but as is our wont in life, if we aren’t into something or it isn’t fun by whatever metric we’re employing at that moment, we would have just politely ignored it colleague or not. Rest assured then that despite that predilection to back our friend, that our heart’s are in it, and that it wouldn’t hit your eyes without a genuine enthusiasm on our end.

So is the song worth a fuck? Are you out of your mind? Of course, it is! How could it not be? The talent here is superlative at the least, with everyone firing at the top of their game. When Allen Poe rhymes about packs of Fleer and works in Beckett, it’s just beautiful, a call back to my inner-5th grader filing away his Ken Griffey Jr. or Billy Ripkin variants to raise money for college one day. His delivery is smooth as silk and twice as nice, with a pick-up during the second verse by Cashius Green. I’m unfamiliar with Green’s work, but hear a lot of dirty south in his flow, like a young Andre 3000 spitting on Stankonia. The production here is a little different from Poe’s typical fare, albeit ever so slightly with a little less grit in the production, but no less style. This is an incredibly chill banger, the kind of thing you put on to get deep, and feel better for it.

Listen below and see what we’re raging about here.