LISTEN: Evan Patterson & Emma Ruth Rundle – “My Dearest Dust”

I’m a sucker for soundtrack work that works to build an atmosphere or play with tension. It’s no wonder then that I’m wholeheartedly on board with “My Dearest Dust,” a score created by the one and only Evan Patterson and the inimitable Emma Ruth Rundle. An instrumental affair, MDD exists in that liminal space between the foreign and the known, a meditation on tone and structure. Backed by one long drone, Patterson and Rundle perform a playful dance of instrumentation around a central, plodding drum motif that serves to hypnotize and transfix.

There is something primal here that’s hard to articulate, like some kind of Eldritch darkness bubbling just under the surface. The composition is heavily layered, recalling the haunting rhythms of Mica Levi or some of the more ethereal soundtrack work by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, as filtered through a healthy sheen of Biosphere or Stars of the Lid.

Listen below, preferably in some kind of temperature extreme ruminating on your environment.