INTERVIEW: Bungalow Betty talks about “Birthday Sandwich”, Zombie Dragons & More!

My introduction to Bungalow Betty happened at Poorcastle Festival a few months ago. Going in, I’d never heard of them and knew nothing about them, but from the start of their set I was hooked on their fun loving vibe and three-way harmonies. In between songs, they mentioned an upcoming album called Birthday Sandwich which has since been released and quickly become one of our favorites of 2017. My favorite song from the album might be “Mushroom Tea”, a lovely Tennis-esque diddy with a relaxing beachy vibe to it. Listen to it below:

Considering how much I like their music and how little I know about these folks, I naturally wanted to find out more about Bungalow Betty. So I reached out for an interview which they were kind enough to collaboratively participate in:

Never Nervous: Tell us about Bungalow Betty and how you got started. Is there a cool origin story?

Bungalow Betty:We started as 3 friends who wanted to make music together. Katy has been a musical inspiration to Jordan and Vanessa with her talents and projects. While Vanessa has been playing a variety of instruments since she was a child, Jordan started working intensely at guitar lessons. Katy picked up the bass and after writing some songs, Kelsey was referred to us to play percussion. We instantly clicked!

NN: What influences you collectively as a band to create the noise you make? Whether it be related to music or not, what inspires you?

BB: Parades, flowers, animals, Bailey’s, naps, chocolate incense, birthdays, and good company.

NN: I get a major beach party vibe from the songs on Birthday Sandwich. Was this intentional, or am I just California dreaming?

BB: Who doesn’t love a beach party?!

NN: What’s the deal with your band’s name? Is there a fascinating meaning behind it or does it just sound cool?

Jordan: We liked names with alliteration. While at Katy’s apartment, I saw ‘Bungalow’ on a list of the 100 Most Beautiful Words in English. I instantly thought of adding ‘Betty’ as a general positive term for ladies. I texted the suggestion to Vanessa and the name grew on us.

NN: How would you describe the music you make to my 92 year old neighbor?

BB: Harmonies, guitars, and music you want to dance to at the beach.

NN: What movie would the songs from “Birthday Sandwich” play out as the perfect soundtrack to?

BB: Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion or Sopfia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette.

NN: Now that Birthday Sandwich is out, what’s next? Touring? More releases?

BB: We’re ready to hit the road!

NN: What did you think of the new Twin Peaks?

Vanessa: Seen the old series but haven’t gotten to the new one yet!

NN: Are you folks into Game of Thrones? What did you think of the latest season? I thought the writing was a bit stupid and lazy, but I still had a good time.

Kelsey: I’m on Season 5.

Vanessa: (Spoilers!) I do not approve of Zombie Dragons!

NN: Considering that October is right around the corner, care to recommend a horror flick that we may not have seen to get us ready for Halloween season?

BB: Practical Magic.

NN: Lastly, tell us about a killer record that has been knocking yer socks off lately.

BB: All Girl Summer Fun Band, Anika Nilles, and The Avalanches.