LISTEN: Twenty First Century Fox – “Falcore”

Twenty First Century Fox are celebrating this week with Falcore, a new take on a classic bopper that brings a little luck dragon into all of our hearts with blazing guitars, catchy beats, and even catchier vocals. There is a kind of Fugazi or Man or Astroman? vibe here, albeit filtered by the go-go rock-n-roll antics of The B-52s, which is business as normal. Clocking in at three minutes long, it blasts by at a clip that feels somehow even quicker than that, leaving you wanting more. The good news is, you can check out the rest of their earliest work, a little treat for the TFCF peeps in the world, which boasts remastered takes on stone cold classics. But not, like, Stone Cold. Get it together people. 

This is the kind of tune that makes you want to kick life in the nuts, to pedal harder on your bike just before you hit the ultimate ramp, where you land the boldest trick in the history of tricks and all of your rivals immediately die from your awesome. The sun is at your back and the freeze frame ends with you kissing the hottest person near you, while the next hottest people in the room are sad because they don’t have what it takes to emit pure, radiant righteousness, manifested in bitchin’ BMX stunts that were probably performed by an angel made of light and good vibes.

Listen below and try not to go to hard in your awesome. Maybe there is a finite pool of greatness, so we might want to preserve some for the rest of humanity, instead of just sucking it all up here in Louisville. Get rowdy, y’all.