LISTEN: Second Story Man – “Sunday I-65”

The newest from Second Story Man dropped sometime earlier last month, I believe, but somehow fell through the cracks here. Fortunately, I’ve amended that omission, which is good news for my ears. The first thing you might pick up listening to this track is how evolved the band has become over the years. While some bands would stick to safer and more familiar ground, SSN continue to innovate and push the boundaries of their sounds in interesting directions. Here you still have that indie pop core to their music, amplified by raging guitars and a danceable, almost motorik beat that drives the rhythm. This is an incredibly dynamic and engaging track that encourage movement, however that manifests itself. You’ll dance to this, you’ll work to this, you’ll do all the dishes, or go hard on the treadmill, but you’ll definitely get it down with this as your soundtrack.

Listen below and flip out a little.