COMMUNITY VOICE: Thank you from Never Nervous!

I remember when Phillip Olympia, my partner in crime here at Never Nervous, told me the idea for his blog. At the time, there were plenty of other places out there scratching that itch for Louisville music media coverage, so I didn’t really see the need; boy was I wrong. The following summer, Phil invited me to be interviewed for the site, and I jumped at the chance. Not only am I terrible at self-promotion, but I was just about to graduate college with a BA in English and was ready to write. It started from there. I started picking up little assignments here and there, growing with the site as it blossomed into its own. Phil, who I’ve never known to be serious, became very committed to making it the best it could be, and that compelled in me a desire to do the same. We worked together to come up with new ideas for features, and to ensure that we were doing our best to cover everyone, because we believe that everyone has something to say. And hell, we both came from punk rock, so why not try and smash through cliques and other social clutter? It’s all lame garbage meant to separate us, and I’m not buying.

It became an obsession. That obsession helped grow the site into what it looks like now, cleaner, bigger, and hopefully a little more diverse. We grew from just talking about music to discussing the things that make our culture richer, that add a little light to the world. That includes giving a platform for people of all stripes to tell their story, because we want to cultivate a community. That community has grown to include our very good friend Jake Hellman, who helped guide our podcast, Thommy Browne who helps keep the lights on, Matt Haas who made an awesome image of us, Johanna Ehnle for our dope logo, the mysterious Adam Steckler who picks up my slack on the podcast whenever he can, and contributors like Yoko Molotov, Joann Jene, Jenna Madonia, Scott Ashburn (aka the inimitable Allen Poe), Chris Hatfield, and a few folks that have contributed one off spots here and there like James Miller, Dennis Sheridan, Carrie Neumayer, Joe Dunman, Brian Manley, Savvy Dee (who slayed with a piece on sexual assault), Oliver Hall (with a beautiful piece on trans-rights), and Lamar Kendrick (aka the one and only Kogan Dumb). We’ve had the opportunity to meet brewers, noise makers, politicians, lawyers, artists, and sportscasters. We live a charmed life.

Never Nervous is our community service. It’s our opportunity to give back to a culture that has helped shape us into the people we are today. Our only motivation is in showing how fantastic it is to be in Louisville, and what amazing things we have going on right here in our own backyard. The fact that we were honored with a LEO Reader’s Choice award means a lot to us and we thank you, yeah you, for the recognition. Speaking only for myself, this is my zen place. This is where I can write pure and unfiltered exactly what’s on my mind. If I have a tangent to go off on, I’ll do it. If I have some smart-ass joke to throw in, I’ll do it. What you are reading here is the product of our own ambitions and interests, and nothing else; it’s not like we have anyone to answer to. So gracias and big ups, you beautiful bastards, for giving us that little extra kick to keep on chooglin’, like the rascals that we are.

But would this be a Never Nervous write up without giving some praise to local talent? Nah. So I hit the LEO Reader’s Choice Party on Thursday, and was lucky enough to catch Brenda’s set. Peepaw doesn’t get out to quite as many shows as he used to, on account of the kiddos and such, so I haven’t caught them live yet. And it was all kinds of dope, let me tell you. I mean, I’m going to tell you, so don’t take that as me asking permission. They breezed through the material on the Nightschool EP, which for the uninitiated is a good starting point. They sprinkled in future top boppers and hot cuts -new hits, bay-bee- throughout the set like it was nothing. They had a great energy, which is no small feat considering the space. Just imagine yourself performing at a party in a warehouse (the TF Gallery) and you’ve about got it, just folks milling about, chatting, whatever. But they brought that heat and it was very well appreciated, the perfect reward if there was ever such a thing, just to catch one of my favorite bands in town doing what they do.