WATCH: The trailer for short horror film IRIS has arrived, and it’s awesome!

Horror nerds, I bid you to get spooked by the new trailer for the upcoming short film Iris! The picture, which was written and directed by Mike Thompson (director of the award winning Quiet Hollers music video for “Pressure”) is set to be officially released on October 31st (Halloween!!!) and stars Shelby Taylor Mullins (who we know from HBTVS‘s Raimi-esque horror short A Brush With Death), Chris Petty, Tory L. Beckham & Romell Weaver (aka RMLLW2LLZ).

What’s Iris all about, anyway? The details are sparse, but I like the sense of ambiguity left behind by this trailer. According to the YouTube page, here is a brief description if the film:

“The line between reality and dreams becomes blurred as a young girl is questioned by police about a house fire that claimed the lives of her family.”

Watch the trailer for Iris below: