WATCH: The Pleasure Boys get weird for Against the Grain!

Get weird this afternoon with a preview of the upcoming Pleasure Boys set, the last in the series from Against the Grain. The video features McKinley Moore, apparently a cult leader now, first sitting in an interview with Kyle Meredith, before the world freaks out. What follows is a who’s who of local musicians, mutants and jerks, making in a scene in the best way, a robed and be-shaded Moore sitting in a giant chair, calming sipping a fine beer. Is this the product of his mind wondering mid-interview, or are we a product of his? It’s hard to say, but the end result is the stuff of your Lynchian dreams; your friends in costume running primitively through the woods, while sweet garage rock makes the world a better place. This is flavor country y’all, and I’m digging it.

Watch below and wig out.

ATG_PleasureBoys_full_v4 from Kertis Creative on Vimeo.