REVIEW: The Cut Family Foundation – “Funky Public”

If you’re like me, the daily regurgitation of offensive rhetoric and often disingenuous outrage to follow can be completely draining. Bad vibes are everywhere, that is if most of your life takes place on social media or in the news. It’s necessary to escape that stuff sometimes. Or you can take The Cut Family Foundation approach and fight it head on with anthems of togetherness. That’s the overall theme of  their latest record “Funky Public” and it’s rather refreshing. 

“Funky Public” is like if the acid funk of acts like Parliament Funkadelic took place on planet Earth. The moderately paced,  dance-worthy rhythm section that is accentuated by crybaby wah guitar licks and nasty organ solos are all tied together by groovy gang vocal chants throughout the album. Seriously, 90% of the vocals on this album are gang vocals and it rules. 

Not only are the vocals typically sung in groups, but they are typically singing about togetherness. It adds an extra layer to the theme of being a member of the “Funky Public.” We’re all gonna sing this together, we’re all gonna dance together, we’re all in this together. No matter how shitty the world gets, we can all survive in the “Funky Public.” 

Enjoy their killer new album below.