LISTEN: おやすみ、イカ – Visions of Crystal Pepsi

I came to understand Vaporwave under the concept of echo jams, slowed down, often corporate bops repurposed and recontextualized. In that way, I see a lot of punk rock in the genre, a middle finger to making music into a neat package for sale or the background to your elevator ride meant to ease you into submission. The music of おやすみ、イカ adds to that general pool of weirdness found on labels like Dream Catalogue or with artists like James Ferraro or Telepath, a long form dialogue that started with artists like John Cage that asks what music is or what it should be. These are slowed down and hard, like 80’s style hard, like a codeine fueled remix of that scene in American Psycho where Patrick Bateman sweats other people’s business cards. It’s just strange and haunted by the ghost of slickness, made decrepit now by years of misuse. But these vocal hooks are killing me, y’all, so deal with it.

Listen below and really think about that scene in Fight Club where they defeat capitalism and it’s cool and fun and The Pixies are there, because this is the aural equivalent.