LISTEN: Blackbirds of Paradise – “Fish Don’t Sleep”

Yesterday was my birthday and to celebrate that, I’m getting mild this week and just kicking it. I’ve got my writing done, I’ve got my time off from work, and I’m just coasting. Weather allowing, this dude is on the fast path to rolling out his hammock and taking my chill to the back yard, beer in hand (something dark if you want to help me celebrate), a big stack of comics and music to keep me company. Helping me kick my hang loose into high gear is Fish Don’t Sleep by the Blackbirds of Paradise, released earlier this month. Here you have jangly guitars and vibraphones shimmering as if underwater, a siren call to take life as easy as possible. This is flavor country y’all, and I’m about to kick my feet up and taste the rainbow.

So what would I compare this too? I’m not sure. Herein lies none of the bombast or metal tinged insanity of previous releases, replaced with a kind of Stereolab or Broadcast style vibe. This is almost surf music, if only for the rhythm sections clever moves, and we’re better off for it. Let’s all celebrate life together this Monday by living the Parrothead life, but with better music, because Jimmy Buffett is bogus. Listen below and soak in it.