LISTEN: Deadpanned – loops & such

I’ll be real, I have no idea what a beat tape is really, or why it needs to be all one track, but I appreciate it all the same, almost like a collage of beats and samples, probably all uncleared. It’s interesting then to think about the legality of such a mix in the world, if only by virtue of hearing the unmistakable voice of MF Doom pop up mid track, know that it’s unlikely that Deadpanned and Metal Face are pals. Not that I care; in fact, I think it’s awesome that people just do it, just make art on their own terms without sweating the capitalist aspects of it, especially when that art is released into the wild for free. This is lovely stuff of the sort that enriches our musical landscape, chill, but thoughtful in presentation. Unlike my usual grab bag of examples, Deadpanned is doing something a little more tweaked, like a stripped down FlyLo or Prefuse 73 with a little less maximalism.

Vibe out to this. Enjoy a session to this. Get mild to this. Share it with your friend; it’s the least you can do for free bops.