LISTEN: Methodical Wun – “J/S (Just.Saying)”

It’s a joy to have the opportunity to debut a new track from an artist, and we’re lucky enough to have that chance today. Of course, part of that good fortune on our end, is the superlative nature of the music that we get to share, given the talent of the community out there hustling to make the finest art they can. And Methodical Wun lives up to his name, methodically hustling over the years to quietly drop fire when you least expect it. Today’s verse, “J/S (Just.Saying)” has an easy vibe, a 502-centric banger that digs into the bittersweet melancholia part and parcel to life in Derby City, the beauty and sadness. Methodical has a flow like Biggie Smalls, a southern drawl that makes every word count. Goodbar drops in to add his two cents, and the end result is righteous, thoughtful and hook heavy, the kind of track that sticks with you after more multiple revisits, and that sticks with you after as many re-listens. Soak in some mellow gold and dwell not on the negative, but the best that we can all shoot for, which is just living.

Listen below and get mild af.