LISTEN: Future Killer – “LIVE from Dbott’s Basement”

I was quickly turned on to Future Killer after hearing their single “diskZERO” earlier this year, but after watching them at Poorcastle a few months ago I was more than excited by the weird noise they were making. Until now, all I had to listen to was that single I mentioned before, but thankfully the band released a 4 song offering called LIVE from Dbott’s Basement back in July, and we’re just finding out about it now.

I don’t know much about these songs aside from the fact that they were apparently recorded live presumably somewhere in Louisville, but what I am certain of is that these tunes are really fun to get lost inside of. What’s it sound like? I’d describe it as progressive art rock with what sounds to be loose improvising (I could be wrong about that) that would be the perfect background music for the three bad guys in Superman II as they aimlessly float around in space in the glass square thing. 

Listen to LIVE from Dbott’s Basement in it’s entirety below: