LISTEN: See Tai – “Brother Sun”

There is something simultaneously familiar and foreign about “Brother Sun,” the newest from up and coming indie pop icon See Tai. This sounds like New Wave gold, a dusty and primitive cd discovered and brushed off, a piece of 80s ephemera that should’ve been a hit. There are elements of The Church or Echo and the Bunnymen as filtered through the War on Drugs, mellow and melancholic with a driving rhythm section. The hooks here are remarkable and See Tai hits all the high notes. His voice is pure dreaminess, the perfect accompaniment to a haunting tune. This is a great track for the Fall, cool and geared towards night time listens, the cool Autumn wind on your cheek, the air crisp with promise. Let’s hope that See Tai can get a full length together soon, because this is remarkable stuff.

Listen below with the windows down and your shades on.