LISTEN: Antietam – “I’m so Tired” b/w “Right Between Your Eyes”

I’m not sure how I’ve lived in Louisville since 1979 virtually non-stop and never heard the music of Antietam, especially assuming the tasks that I have as a writer and unofficial historian of local content. It’s not that I was ignorant to their existence, but that I’d yet to have the chance to experienc their music. Fortunately, my luck has changed.

With the imminent release of Motorific Sounds, I’ve had the opportunity to amend this via two newly released tracks I’m so Tired and Right Between Your Eyes. First off, I’m so Tired rocks and this despite the inclusion of perhaps my least favorite instrument, the harmonica. In fact, I think the harmonica adds a nice touch here on a song with an unrelenting, almost kraut rock groove, like a focused Faust as filtered through Second Story Man. I realize that I may be confusing my history here, but I think the SSM nod is apt, regardless of the order of events; both rock and both employ remarkable vocalists. That I’m so Tired culminates in gang vocals and a righteous noise only furthers that comparison in the best possible ways. Check it out below.

With Right Between Your Eyes, the first released single from their impending record, the band offer up a nice jaunty riff that bounces at times, and drifts aimlessly at others, held together by vocalist Tara Key’s remarkable voice. The chorus features a sing along choir, lush and reverb soaked, an earworm and a half. This is easy to get lost in and it’s certainly easy to hear the appeal. Key and company remain as vital to music today as they did nearly four decades ago when they forged their own path, first here in Louisville, and later as ex-pats living in NYC. Check out Right Between Your Eyes below and feel it.

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  • September 16, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Thanks Syd! It’s never too late!!! Kind words appreciated…

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