REVIEW: The Filipino Snares – “Part Time Machine”

The Filipino Snares
Part Time Machine

I can’t not write about this. I saw it pop up in my regular Bandcamp run downs, and it spoke to me on so many levels. First off, I have an unflinching love for all weirdo music on some level, and ambient in particular. Do you use a host of effects on your instrument, like a frisky Kevin Shields quietly tinkering away in his garage? Sign me up for a chance to listen, because I love trying to figure out what it is that I’m hearing. Second, the text that accompanies this says, “Four men with no time trying to play music together as much as possible while raising children and working full time jobs.” Damn, I feel this in ways that I have difficulty articulating; I really, really need to make music. But I digress. Let’s get into it.

The album opens with a nice drone bit that sets the tone in an unexpected way that is more about the tonality of what’s to come than any particular sonic itinerary; this is moody and atmospheric. This second song blasts off, a dark wave post punk named for one of my favorite movies that certainly marks a shift in their direction. Terminator is a pop heavy indie bop that sounds cut from the Women/Viet Cong cloth, albeit filtered through Ty Segall or Kurt Vile, which is music to my ears. This is really remarkable stuff that merits your attention far and away. Every track on this record is smooth and well put together, infused with a slacker rock taut with friction. In fact, it’s irony that the music has that vibe, given the evidence of the work that went not only into crafting these tracks, but in putting them together.

Jesus. I just realized these dudes have and use a Fun Machine, which is the most aptly named instrument in history. This just keeps getting better. Listen below and see what I’m yammering on about. And for the love of god(s), buy this. Give these fellas a reason to justify their time away from their families. I mean, other than the beers and down time that come with band practice.

Listen to Part Time Machine in it’s entirety below: