LISTEN: Bungalow Betty – “Birthday Sandwich”

If you’re looking for catchy beach pop with killer three-way harmonies, then look no further than the debut release from Bungalow Betty. Birthday Sandwich is the EP I didn’t know I so desperately needed as in a few weeks I’ll be off to an ocean city down south (if it’s still there) for a little while. What’s it sound like? Imagine if Tennis and the B-52’s had a really cool baby, and that baby grew up listening to 60’s and 70’s doo wop tunes, then maybe you’d get something like Bungalow Betty.

Each toe-tappin’ track throughout Birthday Sandwich works as the perfect soundtrack to any day time partying. Whether you’re guzzling beers with your friends while playing corn hole in your backyard or sipping on a daiquiri while watching the tide come in, this is where it’s at.

Listen to Birthday Sandwich in its entirety below: