LISTEN: Imaginary Towers – “There Are No Shadows Here”

It’s hard not to think about Washed Out listening to the debut from Imaginary Towers, an electro-tinged, chillwave soaked blissed out record. This is the stuff of daydreams, hyper colored and energetic, with a calming undercurrent. This is well constructed indie pop for the 21st century, right in the zeitgeist of the here and now alongside Tycho or even modern R&B like The Weeknd, fresh, but not bland. That’s a hard balance to strike between something widely consumable and critically interesting, but one that Imaginary Towers manage with style. The auto-tuned elements of the vocals seem more like a cyborg pastiche of man and technology, the two strengthening the one for a new whole. Their music never comes off as a gimmick or parlor trick, but the marriage of music and the technology that produces such, which is a fun puzzle to consider. What came first?

Listen below and taste the rainbow.